I’m an ocean of Love

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I’m an ocean of love,
Eternal and divine.
Dive into me; surrender yourself
And don’t you worry my love,
I’ll save you cause you’re mine.

Give me all you have,
Feelings some bittersweet some sour.
The pain behind that delicious smile
And the scars that you hide, cause
I don’t want you to feel them anymore.

Dont be afraid
Even you fall a hundred times.
Darkness is what that surrounds you
And you can’t remember the light
Just then I’ll be you sunshine.

No, you can’t shatter
As there is hope left a few.
Rent me your bleeding heart,
So that I can repair it
And make it brand new.

I’m an ocean of love
Eternal and divine.
Dive into me; surrender yourself
And don’t you worry my love,
I’ll save you cause you’re mine.



When you smile !


You don’t know what does that curve of your lips do to me do you?

When you smile
the world seems alright,
I forget all the problems
and wish to hold you tight.

When you smile
your eyes sparks so bright,
Making me gaze at you
like a star at night.

When you smile
the sun starts to shine,
Spreading rays of happiness all over
making me glad that you are only mine.

When you smile
blood rushes into my veins,|
Filling my soul with love
taking away all my pains.

When you smile , oh your smile!
so contagious to ignore,
Do wonders to me
and reaches my heart’s core.

When you smile
causing time to stay,
May you keep smiling always
Is what I pray.

Please come back! 

Hey! I miss you. I miss you really bad.  I know i was wrong and it was all my fault. I shouldn’t have done that. Please talk to me. Please come back. I’m sorry. I really am.
I feel nostalgic thinking about the way we used to laugh on our own lame jokes. The way we used to fight, irritating the hell out of each other. The way you use to hug me when i felt low. The way you use to oil my hair at night. The way i used to keep my head on your stomach and sleep soundly while you caressed my hair.

I don’t  really remember how our little arguments turned into such huge issues. Nor did i realise when did the love fade away. Love so pure and so innocent. Love that could had fought the whole world. Where did it all vanish? 

Don’t you miss me calling your name? Don’t you get all panic and worried when my phone is out of reach and there is no news of my whereabouts. Don’t you feel insecure when I’m out with my friends whom you just hate with all your heart? Don’t you miss me, at all?  

I want you to embrace me in your arms so that i can stay there for an eternity. I want you to kiss my forehead and tell me that you’re never gonna leave me in this brutal world all by myself. I want you and i need you even more than that.  I won’t  be able to survive without you. I don’t want to.  

I love you Maa. Please come back.  Please talk to me. I’m  sorry. I really am.  

Bebe Bapu

All you need to do is to love them with the heart they gave you!


My mother I feel is the ladder i’m climbing on. A never ending ladder I suppose. My foundation. My first step towards life. The support system. Standing there upright no matter what come may. Holding my hands, directing them towards the path of success.
And my father, well he is a mentor, who’s telling me to climb up. Up high as much as I can. Standing just beside me at every step. Smiling at me, encouraging me, assuring me that he’s there to catch me when i fall and so I need not worry. Pushing me beyond my limits and telling me that I can get it. Making me believe in myself. I could hear him telling me to work harder and achieve the best. Reach the highest peak ever. I could hear him cheering, chanting my name when I feel low. Giving that confident smile when I look back down. Oh! that nod of unshakable belief that he has in me can even make me climb real mountains.

But sometimes and only sometimes I fear what if I disappoint them. What if i could not stand up to their expectations. The fear of me falling down by my face strikes me hard sometimes. I know, I know they won’t lose hope even then and would help me rise up again. But I want to see those eyes full of ‘hope’ being replaced with ‘pride’. I want those head held high up.  Thinking of this already gives me such immense pleasure and contentment that only a few could understand. It will be only then that i’ll have the feeling of utmost satisfaction I always craved for.